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Created: 08 Sep 2013 • Updated: 21 Nov 2013 | 5 comments
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hello, all!

is CDS feature available on HP-UX OEM version of VxVM/VxFS which is part of HP-UX OS?

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Hi Sam,

CDS format has been introduced in 4.x version.

So if your VxVM is 4.x or later CDS is supported.

Please see manpage for details:


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hello all!

my question was about CDS feature on HP-UX VxVM/VxFS (without Storage Foundation installation).

exactly can one create portable volume/filesystem on HP-UX and transfer it to another OS via SAN without SF purchase?

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As I said above, it depends on your version of VxVM you are running on your HPUX installation.

CDS is a feature of VxVM which is part of Storage Foundation (Simply explained SF is VxVM+VxFS+VCS)

So again, what is your VxVM version you are using?

use swlist command to find the version.

You can also check the manpage of vxdisksetup or try to initialize a disk using cds format.

#man vxdisksetup

find available disk

#vxdisk -oalldgs list

initialize disk

#vxdisksetup -i <diskname> format=cds

check vxdisk again

#vxdiks -oalldgs list

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suppose it's the latest version of HP-UX 11.31 IA-64 (June 2013 Patch Bundle)

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OEM version of vxvm shipped with HP-UX 11.31 IA-64 (June 2013 Patch Bundle) is > 4.1, so cdsdisk will be supported. Just to doublecheck the version of vxvm that comes with the OS, check: 'swlist | grep Base-vxvm' or 'swlist -l product VRTSvxvm'