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Centera running out of space, can vault data be migrated to another device?

Created: 02 Nov 2012 • Updated: 05 Nov 2012 | 3 comments
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Our Centera storage for EV data is due to run out of space in 6 months. I imagine data can be ported from EMC to EMC, can it be migrated to other storage devices while retaining the EV history? What other devices does anyone recommend for performance, price and convenience of use?

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EMC to EMC can be done but it'd be the entire vault store partitions that would need to be moved, it couldn't just be bits and pieces, if you were going to stay with the Centera model, then you would just be best off closing the partitions on the old centera and have new data go to the newer centera.

To migrate the data FROM the centera to elsewhere, you would have to do a full scale migration, either through TransVault, Archive Shuttle, GlobaNet Migrate, Akaibu or something like that.all of which are going to cost.

The free method within EV would be Move Archive.
All of these methods though could be hindered if you use Discovery Accelerator and apply legal holds to archives

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We would be completely forklifting the storage to a new system, not using the old one at the same time.  Pair the new Centera to the old Centera and replicate.  Point EV to the new Centera.

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if you're getting a new centera then the process would be that you create a new EV partition on the new centera, close the old partition(s), have EMC migrate the data on the backend from centera to centera and lastly, update the old partitions with the new location info for the new centera.

if you're going to a new storage platform then its recommended to use a 3rd party tool to migrate your data for a boatload of reasons which we can elaborate on but it doesnt sound like such is your case.

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