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Certain files have blank entries in msi FILE table

Created: 19 Apr 2010 • Updated: 24 Oct 2010 | 1 comment

I have created a msi package from a wsi using Wise Installation Studio. When I inspect the FILE table of the msi, the Version column is blank for certain entries I'm sure for which there should be an entry. One file, for example is a .NET dll and .exe. When I examine the files in windows explorer (right click -> properties -> version) the values for "Assembly Version" and "File Version" are clearly visible. I have examined other .net file for which the Version column is not blank, and their version information is just as clear in windows explorer.

These two particular files are one of many files in a dependent cab file (most of the file are NOT compressed within the msi). I have extracted the files from the cab and examined the version information in explorer. Same results.

Any idea what would cause certain files to have a blank Version column in the FILE table?

If this is the appropriate forum, I thank you for your time and would really appreciate assistance/hints. If is not, can you let me know so I post there instead?

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When you state that two particular files are two of many in a dependent CAB file, do I interpret this to mean that you are installing the CAB file as part of the content of your MSI ?
The file table is normally populated by reading the version information of individual files, and will not be able to extract information about files that are compressed into a CAB already.
If I have misunderstood your posting however, perhaps you could clarify the CAB aspects further.
One other thing I would recommend is turning off "Quick Compile" as repeated edits of a project can lead to strange issues such as file table errors due to multiple partial compiles getting out of step with reality. Deleting the MSI before recompiling the WSI will also avoid these issues, as it forces a full MSI recreation.

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