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Change Automation Rules Not working properly

Created: 01 Oct 2012 | 3 comments

I I am having a problem with change management automtion rule. i am trying to implement a change automation rule at [OnChangeRecive] Stage based on a bussiness service.

But i am having an error

Execution results for Ruleset [OnChangeReceived] Rule [0]: If [Affected Business Services][Include Specific Service(Altiris Service)] Then [Set Initial Routing][To Specific Group(Altiris Support)] :: The condition was not met. -> The business service [Altiris Service (d68532bc-dfd6-4508-91b5-741e1c747dc3)] is not affected by this change. Found [0] process references for tracking id [3cc43745-098c-11e2-a7aa-005056810025] but none matched the name

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Can any one tell if its a problem with Change managment or Automation rule?

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I'd check the Logging tab in Symantec Explorer or go to <install>/Logs and check the logs for any additional info. I'd increase the logging level to "Info" for a bried period of time to capture more verbose logging.

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The error message says that rules engine found no process references at all. From just the error, it would seem to be an issue with the Change Management. 

I would recommend looking at the Change Management logs at around the time the change was created. Either by going to the Logs folder reecardo suggested or, if you can reproduce this at will, you could keep the log viewer open when creating the same king of change and try to look at the errors in there.