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Change Definition Folder Directory

Created: 25 Jun 2012 | 5 comments

Is it possible to change the virus definition folder location from one drive, say the C: drive, to a different drive? Or do I need to reinstall the SEP client to that different drive?

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why do you need to change? whats the space it is occupying?

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I have a few Citrix servers that reboot a couple of times a week and when they do, they revert back to the original image with older definitions and thus sending an out-of date defintion alert to everyone. I was thinking if I can change the virus definition directory to a different drive that is not affected by the reboot then the servers will retain the current definitions.

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It is not possible. These locations are hard coded to application. 

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Hope that helps!!

Mithun Sanghavi
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Even though you installed SEP on another drive, there are few folders which gets created on default root drive i.e C drive. Those folders can not be removed.

However you can install SEP application on another drive doing reinstall.

Chetan Savade
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Even if you change the installation directory, the definition files are goign to be in C drive. This cannot be changed by design, so when they revert back to the original image, it will eventually have the same issue.

Unfortunately I don't think you have a solution for this.