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Change Exchange Retention Policy Age Based

Created: 23 Jun 2013 • Updated: 04 Jul 2013 | 10 comments
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I have around four policies are setup; Low, Normal, High and Over Limit. These polices set as per the Exchange server DB Category, Low, Normal, High and Over Limit.

Each EV Retention Policy of the items age set differently, the Low is different, Normal, High and Over Limit, each has different policy age defined.

I have changed the age of the Low Policy from 6 Months two 1 Month and Override Settings from 3 Months to 2 Weeks.

Now, the target mailboxes within this policy, should change and any old items older than 1 Month should be ready for Archive,!!!! This is not happening, how long should I wait for the changes to take effect and the settings will be propagated to the target mailboxes?

Is there any other steps to take in order to accomplish this?


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TonySterling's picture

By policies I am assuming you meant Retention Catagories?  Storage Expiry needs to run before anything is removed, have you configured it?

Setting up storage expiry
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OK This is how i interpret it
You have Exchange Databases with different quotas
Low means that each user is given a low quota, like 100MB
Normal might mean 250MB
High would mean like 1GB etc

You also want the policies to accomodate for this too
So in the "Low" limit exchange database, you want anything older than 1 month to archive but less than two weeks should not archive

And for normal  and high etc, it leaves the items in the mailbox a little longer because they're bigger mailboxes etc.

So IF this is the case there is a couple of things
1. If you move a user from one place to another and want it to pick up the new archiving policy you HAVE to run Provisioning so it assigns the new policy and then synchronize the mailbox, otherwise the old policy will be in effect

2. Make sure you are targeting the Exchange DB's via an LDAP query and the GC is in sync, it is possible that the GC hasn't been replicated to yet, so when you run provisioning, it still thinks the mailbox resides in a different Exchange DB

3. If a user is Over Quota, no archiving will be performed, because EV simply cannot make any changes to the mailbox or its items under the mailbox is under its limit (you could delete items, move them to a PST, or increase the limit in this case)

If you have an exchange mailbox assigned to a particular policy, and you can't see it following the policy, firstly make sure you can manually synchronize the mailbox through the Archive Task, and be sure to select the mailbox and it will come back and tell you whether the synchronization was succesful or not

After that, do a Run Now of the Mailbox Archiving Policy and then set it to report mode, open up the report in Excel, and then do a Run Now with full archiving and set it to do say 200 items, you can set it to do more if the mailbox is dangerously near quota etc

After the archiving has run, do another Run Now in Report Mode and open the report in excel, and then copy the contents across to the other worksheet that has the previous report in place, then you can compare the mailbox size, number of items eligible for archive etc, and you should see a difference that items have indeed been archived.

If items aren't archiving, then you would have to DTrace the ArchiveTask and do a run now, each item that EV Scans will show an IsEligible next to each item it opens and looks at, you may see that some aren't old enough, some have pending reminders, some have a message class that EV is set not archive etc

Also some other common ones can be that the task itself is in report mode, you may have run an EVPM that overrides the archiving policy on certain folders etc

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I got an error related to the space.. but the space drive is fine;

The SQL database transaction log for Vault Store has used 93% of its allocated space 41013

JesusWept3's picture

I'm so confused.
For the transaction log make sure you are backing up SQL server correctly and truncating/shrinking the transaction log appropriately

Or set the max size to be bigger etc

Anywho, back to the original question, can you clarify what it is you're asking?

habibalby's picture


I change the Archiving Rules on the Low VS from 6 Months to 1 Months. Does that mean, all the users targets this Policy automaticall their Archving items Rule will change from 6 Months to 1 Month?

Alternativelly, any item older than 1 month will get Archived.

Low VS.jpg

TonySterling's picture

Yes, changing the archive policy will mean that mailboxes with that policy will have their eligible items archived if it is older than 1 month. 

You will need to synchronize the mailboxes for the new policy to be applied, but that does happen automatically.

habibalby's picture

Synchronization of Enterprise Vault with details from Exchange Server "ServerName" has been queued.

How long this does it take to finish?

habibalby's picture

How can I synchronize the mailboxes?

Do I have to synchronize the whole mailboxes or only those who are targeting this policy?

Rob.Wilcox's picture

Synchronisation will typically take a few minutes at most.

Do you need any further help?

EV_Ajay's picture


You need to Synchronize those mailbox who are targetting this policy.

You can refer following articles for more information :

1. Enterprise Vault (EV) Synchronization for Exchange Mailbox Archiving Tasks and Services.

2. How to determine that synchronization has completed successfully for all mailboxes.