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Created: 27 Jul 2012 • Updated: 26 Sep 2012 | 6 comments
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The OpsCenter makes the reports in US format (eg AM/PM), I need it like 24h format. How i can make this change?
And when I export the results to excel, it gave me "." and "," (eg 11,914.293) so i can't work with calculations and funtions with that format cells. I need simple results.

Product: Netbackup OpsCenter

OS: Windows 2008 R2 Standard (in Portuguese format)

Thank you

Best regards to all

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I hope you can help me with this issue

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I've never worked with Ops Center, so this might not help.

Can you change the regional settings of the server? Some applications use those settings instead of internal settings and thus a change there affects the applications output.

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I thought that was the problem, but the regional settings on control panel already is in portuguese format (on master and the server where the OpsCenter is installed.

In OpsCenter the reports I still have the issue with the job size, i dont like the dot and the comma (eg 11,914.293)

Best regards

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The only options for languages in NBU and OpsCenter appear to be English, Chinese, French, and Japanese.  But you should contact Symantec support to make sure; it's possible my serial number only gives me access to those languages on File Connect, there might be more available depending on your serial number.

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After you export to excel format the cells to whatever date/time format you need. Or does this not work?

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I open a case support for this Thread, and they email me this:

"I spoke with backline and engineering team as well.  They were of the opinion that opscenter is not available in Portuguese language yet.  Here is the enhancement request link. Where you can put your request and it may be made available."

I did what he suggested. I hope they can developing this request, because I think that this is best for this product had more configurations formats for european companies.

Thank you for your dedication to try helping me up =)