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Change Journal with Dell Equallogic Group VSS

Created: 28 Feb 2013 • Updated: 01 Mar 2013 | 5 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

When doing an accelerated backup with the change journal option ticked I get an error message from the san at the end of the backup saying server is trying to talk to the snapshot which no longer exists.

For this to fail I need the Dell EQ hardware VSS enabled for the client. I am only enabling this as I am using the client hit kit (dells name for their software) to create snapshots by flushing memory etc to disk.

So the backup runs, creates a snapshot via vss which uses the dell hit kit to talk to the san directly.

All data is backed up. Netbackup says thanks very much I am done.

San gets the message to delete the snapshot as its no longer required and does so.

Imeadiatly after its deleted it gets an IO request to the snapshot (I am asuming from windows change journal) which sends me an email failure.

Every things works ok its just the error message thats anoying everyday in my inbox.

Both Dell and Symantec are washing hands of it as I am guessing its more of a windows issue in the way both handle change journal.

My question is this, is there a way to tell the change journal not to use VSS or does it have to?

Has anyone else had this issue and found a way other than to disable EQ Group VSS / Change Journal.

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Are you doing offhost alternate client type backups?

If not then you should not use a hardware VSS provider; it should be uninstalled, it is only needed for offhost alternate client type backups.

Also, one of the main reasons for offhost alternate client type backups is that it would lessen the burden of the backup process for the client. (An alternate client takes it.)

One of the main advantages for using Accelerator is also that it would lessen the same burden for a client during backups - because the volumes do not need to be fully scanned during backups and only changed blocks will be sent; and if identical blocks already exist inside the dedup pool, then client-side-dedup means they won't even need to be sent.

Since the use of either offhost alt client or Accelerator would provide pretty much the same benefit, using them both together would be redundant, and makes little sense.

If you are using Accelerator and is happy with it, you can uninstall the hardware VSS provider and not having to worry about hardware based snapshots.

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Thanks for the reply.

I need Dells vss plugin to allow their software to create snapshots and replication of the san volume.

It doesnt effect any other client backup that has this plugin, probably becuase the san isnt set up it perhaps uses the local C drive rather than san volume when snaping.

Ive not done offhost backs other than vmware. I may have a go for experimental purposes.

Is there a way to set the server client to only use local drive for all snapshots?

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Try this technote to force the NetBackup Client to always use the Microsoft (software/system) VSS provider. I.e., local drive snapshot.

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Spent some time looking at vss etc. and for others reading I am added below.

There is no default snapshot provider setting on windows more of a default order netbackup chooses a provider.

3 Hardware, 2 Software then 1 System (OS).

See this

You can use w2koption -backup -snapshotprovidertype 1 as per RLeon previous link or you can use the policy.

To use the policy tick Perform snapshot backups select options change snapshot method from auto to VSS

Change provider type from 0 = Auto to 1 = system

Note: If you use policy method you will get another job entry in activity monitor called snapshot.

Thanks again RLeon for your help, your speed of reply and more importantly the solution.

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Happy to help.

Please note that the registry method has been depreciated because it does not always work - Either NetBackup ignores it, or it does not really work.
It is recommended to use the w2koption method.