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change mail server

Created: 25 Sep 2012 | 6 comments
We plan to change mailserver. But until all users is moved to the new server I cannot change the domain Destination Routing for our mail domain.
I have tested adding two destination hosts, if delivery fail on the first the second is used.
This did not work. I receive a Invalid recipient address error from the first host. The second is not used at all.
Can I use Directory data source to make a Routing Query?
It look like it working but when run a test mail, the mail is not delivered.
I have used the field Alternate mailhost attribute to point to the correct mailserver. I used the carLicense AD attribute.
But how can I always use that field?
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If you have a directory source that has the correct delivery domain in some property such as the "mail" property in AD that the server migration team can updated for you.

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I have tested directory source, but when is the mailhost attribute used?
My idea was to do a mailaddress lookup and then respond with the mailhost to use.

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You can use a content rule in SMG to check domain name in from or to fields, than as a action route your new mail server.



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All address use the same domain.
Some mailaddress should route to mailhost 1 other mails should route to mailhost 2.

Can I use a directory source to to read an ldap attribute in my AD to retrieve the correct mailhost?
I have tried to figure it out how directory source work.

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Has anyone tried and use Directory data Routing Query?

I have read the Administration guide but is is unclear exactly how it work.

If I get a successful AD lookup, what then? What attribute is return?
If I no not get a successful AD lookup? What attribute is return then?

How should I use alternate mail host routing?

The same mailaddress should be used on both mail hosts.

Why? Symantec. Why just make is a true/false query??



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Here is a link to our documentation which gives a more in-depth explanation: