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Change from managed to unmanaged?

Created: 16 Jun 2008 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 11 comments
is it possible to change a managed client to unmanaged without using SEPM???

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Replace the sylink.xml file so that it is no longer managed. 
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Thanks.  What do you replace with sylink.xml file with? Or you simply delete it?
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You should just be able to delete it; as that file contains all the management server data.  If the client is unmanaged, the information is irrelevant. 
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I have a script I run via Altiris that allows me to change from Unmanaged to Managed.

1.  Refer to the following Symantec Knowledge base article on how to pull the proper Sylink.xml file for the SEPM that you want that client to be managed by.

2.  I created the following job to run from our Deployment servers and also via our Software Deployment Solution on our Notification Servers.  If you don't currently use Altiris you can still modify this process to meet your needs.

  • Copy to a temp directory on the client the Sylink.xml file that you have pulled from the proper group mentioned above in the Knowledge Base Article and also the SylinkDrop.exe file located on CD2.
  • Create the following scripts to run silent and automatic if needed:

cd C:\temp\sylinkdrop\
sylinkdrop -silent -p YOURPASSWORD c:\temp\sylinkdrop\sylink.xml

  • Create another script force an policy update.

cd "c:\program files\symantec antivirus"
smc -updateconfig

***Note YOURPASSWORD is for the client password if you have one required to stop and start the service on your clients.***

Hope this helps?
Kris Turner
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@ Doctortt,

copy the default sylink.xml file from the SEP CD-1, present in the SEP folder, and replace it in the SEP installation folder. This will change a managed client to an unmanaged one.

Abhishek Pradhan, PMP, MCT
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I tried to replace the sylink.xml file with the one from the SEP CD; however, the SEP polices were still there and locked. So, it doesn't do any good to me.  I will try to delete sylink.xml and see what will happen.
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Deleting the sylink.xml doesn't work either. The SEP polices were still there and locked all settings.
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You need to refer to the following Knowledge Base Article on how to pull the correct sylink.xml file from your SEPM.  It will walk you through step by step.  There is also a tool that is very useful to help you replace the sylink.xml file as well mentioned in the Knowledge Base Article.
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I'm trying to make a managed client to unmanaged - not unmanaged to managed.  Also, after making the client unmanaged, I need all the existing locked policies to be unlocked, so users/helpdesk techs could adjust the config.
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This issue is addressed in the Symantec KB


Keep in mind, though, that "if you change the client to unmanaged without ensuring that you can change settings on the client [e.g. lockdown policy], you may need to uninstall and then reinstall the client if you need to change settings in the future."