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Change Manager cannot view documents uploaded to a CM ticket

Created: 16 Jul 2012

When a CM ticket is created, the Change Requestor uploads documents to the CM ticket. The Change Manager can then view the document links under "Documents" in the Process View, but when he tries to open a document, he gets an error page that simply says: "You don't have permissions to view this document."

After some searching, I finally found the location of these documents in the Documents view. They're buried down in a ticket-specific subfolder deep under the hidden "Processes" folder. I have no idea how the permissions on these folders and documents needs to be set up so that the people who need to work on tickets can access all the documents that are uploaded to those tickets.What do I need to do so that the Change Manager and CAB members (in CM tickets) and other staff who need access to documents in other tickets can view them when they need to? It's not workable to have an Administrator go in and assign permissions on each document as it gets uploaded.