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Change of name

Created: 14 Jan 2013 | 4 comments

Because symantec decided to abandon the name in PGP Desktop version 10.3.0?

PGP is a name known worldwide. Why change now to Symantec Encryption Desktop?

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Tom Mc's picture

As a long time user and fan of PGP, I think we have similar feelings on this.  I can only offer the following from

Symantec Corporation has rebranded the PGP product line to better reflect the Symantec identity. PGP products have been renamed and are now a part of the Symantec Encryption product family. Some features and components in the newly branded products may still contain some PGP components. This article provides a mapping of product names for PGP products to their new Symantec product names.

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vaibhav_jain1's picture

There's still a lot of PGP in it.. Like- Symantec Encryption Desktop "Powered by PGP Technology"

Alex_CST's picture

Yea, it will forever say "Powered by PGP Technology"

It's not the first and definitely won't be the last, but everyone will still call it PGP as it rolls of the tongue a damn sight quicker than "Symantec Encryption Dekstop" :)

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Heywood's picture

It makes me sick and disgusted, too.  PGP means something great and powerful.  Symantec not so great.