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Change ownership/group of stored files

Created: 19 Nov 2013 | 6 comments


We have stored files using Netbackup 6.5 (through an archiving software using XBSA) which were created with a wrong UNIX account (root / root as user and group). This is because the archiving software was started with root/root instead of user1/group1 usually.

Here is an extract of bpflist command showing such a file (there is root/root instead of user1/group1 for other files) :

FILES 7 24          0 1256350880 2 p-product-offline host-hidden.fr_1256350880 - *NULL* 1 0 unknown unknown 0 0 *NULL*
1 102400 33 118 0 1 0 0 -1 /filename.p-product-offline 33152 root root 102400 1256350917 1256350917 1256350917 1 4 4 7 10 0 0 2 1256350842 1 2 root root USER filesystem  

1) It seems that the archiving software cannot restore these files if it is not root (and more surprising, a xbsa query for getting the backup id does not even find the objects), is that true ?

2) If it is true, is there also a way to change the owner/group of these files in Netbackup database ? Or do we have to start our archiving software with root user ?

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Marianne's picture

I have never heard of a way to change the ownership in NBU catalogs or in backup image. 

NBU uses tar. 
Think of it this way :
If you use OS tar command to backup to disk or tape, can file permissions be changed in the tar file?

Seems to me only solution will be to start archive software as root.

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Neither have I. Once the files are backed up, that's it. We cannot change the ownership within the backup images.

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I cannot see how that could be done.

NetBackup list the properties of the backup but the actual files are held in the backup image - and i dont see any easy way of manipulating those

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Since Netbackup enforce file privileges a deadly user can't restore files owned by root. A root user will however be able to override file privileges. So yes - archiving software need to run under the account where the files where archived (root).

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Thanks. But it is normal that the XBSA query does not even find the objects with another user ? It means it would use the rights of the stored files ?

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Only own stored files can be listed with bplist.

See similar issue described for Oracle restores:

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