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Change Retention Category on already archived items

Created: 08 May 2013 • Updated: 08 May 2013 | 3 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hello All

This is continuation post for below forum/post I started back in past:

For quick background

Problem Statement: If we change retention category on particular folder in user mailbox (suppose inbox), the new retention is only applied on newly archived items. To stamp existing items with new retention category we've to either:

  1. Change existing retention category itself, but we cannot do that because we want other folders to follow same old retention category.
  2. Export and re-import items into user mailbox with option "remote items from archive" but it'll be lot of work considering there are thousands of users approximately.
  3. Run complex SQL querues to change retention category ID in dbo.Saveset/Archive table for each user on per folder basis which is again too complicated and lengthy process.

So my question being, from version 9.0.4 to version 11 - if the feature is changed where if we change retention category for particular folder in user archive, existing items inherit new category as well?

Thank You in Advance !

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There is no change in EV 10 and EV 11 is still a ways off.  You could create an idea in the ideas section.

One option you missed was to move the shortcuts to another folder with the desired retention category assigned to it, still not an easy way about it and requires shortcuts and end user interaction.

Your other option is to inquire with a partner about developing an app that could do it for you.


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Thanks Tony, yeah I forgot to mention that option but the requesting team doesn't wants to bother user with this and want this to happen in background which makes it tricky.

Partner will be like Quadrotech / Transvault? Or any particular partner you're referring to?

Thank You