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Change retention category on existing archives retroactive

Created: 20 Sep 2012 • Updated: 15 Oct 2012 | 8 comments
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I went through forum and found that many people wants to change retention category that can chabge retention period retroactive on archives that alredy on vault.

Some document says that if I have Retention category appplied as keep Forever and change it to for example for 2 years, all archiving items will be changed for 2 years and I can expire storage.

Is it right statement?

If not what best approach to do this without export all archives back and start archiving with new Retention category?

Thank you in advance.

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Yes, that is correct, if you change the retention period of a Retention Category items will then be expired based on that new value, unless there is something would prevent it like a Centera in Governance Mode or something.

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Thank you, Tony!

Just want to be clear on this.

1. I change existing retention category  to 2 years.

2. After provisioning task runs All EXISTING items in users archives will be restamp with 2 years retention.

3. After run Expire Storage ell archiving items older than 2 years will be deleted from storage.

Also can you please tell me how long it can take restamp items with new retention category and if I go to upgrade EV 9.0.3 to 10.0.1 to do it after upgrade or prior upgrade?

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Provisioning doesn't have anything to do with it. The expiration date isn't stamped on the items but calculated when the expiry process runs.

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Sorry to ask  alot of question, but what process make change existing items for new retention category?

Thank you

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If you have a retention category like "Business" and you make that the default for everyone, lets say it has a retention of three years. You then archive a bunch of items on 01/01/2012, those items would be eligible to expire on 01/01/2015

If you then change the retention category in the vault admin console to 6 years, then those items archived on 01/01/2012 will now be eligible for expiration on 01/01/2018.

Basically any changes you make to an existing retention category will effect ALL items that have been archived in that retention category.

As tony stated, when the expiration process runs, it then does its calculations on what items can be expired and what items will be left alone

So it first starts up and loads up the first retention category, such as Business and determines what its retention period is (3 years) then does a SQL Query to find all items archived with that retention category,  that are 3 years or older and that are not on legal hold.

It then deletes though items, and then moves on to the next retention category.
So again, if you change the existing retention to have a different period, the next time expiry runs, it will find items that are 6 years or older etc

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oh and if you wanted to change items retention categories entirely from say "Business" to "Personal", you would need the users archive policy "Moved Items" enabled and set  Update Retention Categories option checked.

Afterwards, you would have to change the retention for the folder or the archive, either through the users outlook add-in, or through EVPM etc

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To add to what Alex posted, the processing is done on a per archive basis, so one item will have its items expired before the next archive will be processed. Each storage service is responsible for processing its own storage deletes.

Essentially if you have a LOT to expire, and the window is insufficient, you will find that some archives have expired items and others do not.



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Thank you very much for your input!

Really glad to see that this process is retroactive and will touch existing archived items.