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Change shared storage location for SMSMSE 6.0 in clustered exchange server

Created: 09 Jan 2013 | 1 comment

In my clustered exchange server environment, I installed SMSMSE 6.0.  Shared storage device is needed for storing quarantine folder. I am not sure which the drive is using. Seem to use quorum. Now the quorum do not sufficient disk space.

How to determine the location of quarantine folder are using in the clustered exchange server environment? 

By using registry or GUI?

How to change to the location of quarantine folder.

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Hello Steven,

In a Clustered environment, SMSMSE will use a quarantine folder on the shared storage device located at <drive>:\Program Files\Symantec\ SMSMSE \6.0\Server\ Quarantine.

This is the same as each individual server, however the servers will share and store quarantined items in the same location on the shared device.

This location is essentially "hard coded" into the software, therefore, there is no way to change the location of the quarantine folder. The only option you would have to "move" the quarantine folder on the shared device is to remove the cluster resource and reinstall the cluster resource to a new drive or location on the shared device. By doing so, that will change the location of the quarantine folder to the same location on the new drive, however, it does not retain any information from the quarantine location that was set previously.

Please let me know if this answers your question or helps. I can also provide documentation on how to remove and re-install the cluster resource if you would like.