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Change Tape Drive Name

Created: 16 Apr 2013 • Updated: 02 Jul 2013 | 6 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


I have 2 tape libraries wich 10 drives each. The NBU wizard did the configuration and now I'm able to use these 20 drives.

the drives are names Drive000 -> Drive019, unfortunately the drives are mixed up, so Drive000 is Drive 5 in library 1, Drive001 is Drrive 8 in lib 2 etc.

In device monitor I can see wich drives has tapes loaded, but I have to match serial numbers or use tpconfig to get what actual drive in the lib has the tape. So I would likte to change the drivename seen in device monitor to something I that matches. Like rename Drive000 to Lib1_Drive5.

Can I simply change the names of he drives via GUI? Do I have to change it on all media servers, or only on the master? Do I have to delete the drives and use the wizard again?

I did a search in the forumes but that brought up many different comments.

So maybe someone that did this alredy has an advice?

Best regrads


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revaroo's picture

Change the drive on the media server. You can do it in the GUI or use tpconfig

(Update drive)
   tpconfig -update -drive <drvindex>
            [-type <drvtype>] [-path <drivepath>]
            [-nh <ndmp_hostname>] [-noverify]
            [-vhname <optical_volume_header_drive_name>]
            [-newasciiname <asciidrvname>] [-shared [yes|no]]
            [-cleanfreq <hours>] [-comment <comment>]
            [-drstatus UP|DOWN|DISABLED] [-robot <robnum> -robtype <robtype>]
            [-robdrnum <robdrvnum> | -VendorDrvName <vendor_drive_name>]
            [-ACS <acsnum> -LSM <lsmnum> -PANEL <panelnum> -DRIVE <drivenum>]
tpconfig -update -drive <drv index> -newasciiname <name>
that should do it - give it a try.
You will need to restart media manager once done
Volker_Spies's picture

Hi revaroo,

ok thanks.

I have a SSO environment with ~30 media servers that share those drives. Is there a way to change the name on all Media servers at once, or do I have to change the name one by one? Can the drive have different namens on different media servers?

I hope the drive name is not used to do any sort of drive locking? So when I change the ascii name, the funktionality is the same without rescanning or reconfiguring the drives?


revaroo's picture

Name should be the same across all the media servers if SSO.

Remember it's just a logical name, it does matter if drive index 0 is for drive001 and drive index 1 is for drive000

Volker_Spies's picture

Hi revaroo,

ok, now I'm confused.

When I habe a look at only two of my media servers and only 1 Drive and I do a tpconfig -d

Server1 shows:

Drive Name  Drive000
Index   0
SCSI coordinates {1,0,0,0}
Type   hcart2
Status   UP
SCSI Protection  SR (Global)
Shared Access  Yes
TLD(0) Definition DRIVE=1
Serial Number  F002566001

Server2 shows

Drive Name  Drive000
Index   4
SCSI coordinates {2,0,2,0}
Type   hcart2
Status   UP
SCSI Protection  SR (Global)
Shared Access  Yes
TLD(0) Definition DRIVE=1
Serial Number  F002566001

As you can see the Drive Name is the same but the Drive index is different.

Is that ok? I checked a few servers and the index is different an almost all drives and all servers.



Marianne's picture

Sorry - we missed your last question.

Yes, index numbers can be different on media servers. 

What is important is that drive name, drive # in robot and serial # matches.

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RonCaplinger's picture

The "Configure Storage Devices" wizard would make this easier, I think.  Just delete all the tape drives, then run the wizard and select "Configure Drive Name Rules".  You would want to use the "robot number' and "drive position", I think, and customize the text the way you want it.