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Change Of Tape Library - Netbackup 7.1

Created: 16 Sep 2012 • Updated: 07 Dec 2012 | 4 comments
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Am planning to change my existing Tape Library to the newer device from IBM, the interface is FC and also with new LTO5 media.

Am not completely into NetBackup and i have not worked much on NBU. Need to know the following:

-Collecting the required information before Library replacement.

-How to plan effectively to use same old policies to take backups on new LTO5 medias.

-Before replacing Tape Library what all the things to keep in mind and to be kept ready.

Operating System is OEL 6.0 - Master and Media Servers are same.

Any help is highly appreciated.


Shashank K S

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Marianne's picture

What are you upgrading from? 
Do you have new media for new robot/drives?
LTO5 drive can write and read LTO5 and LTO4 media.
LTO5 can read back to LTO3 media.

How is existing robot reading media id? All 8 characters of barcode (including L# at the end)?
NBU adds last 6 characters as media id, meaning A00001L3 is added as 0001L3.

You need to keep this in mind when 1st inventory is done. Best to keep Media ID Generation the same.
(Customization is discussed in Admin Guide I).

Steps to replace robot:

Delete Storage Unit(s) for this robot in NBU.
Delete drives and robot in NBU. (This will change all tapes in robot to Standalone.)
Physically disconnect robot and drives and ensure devices are removed from OS view.
Connect new devices and ensure OS can see devices.
Run device config wizard.
If you will re-use old tapes, put tapes removed from old robot in the newly attached robot.
Run Inventory but do not update yet - Do Preview recommended changes. Ensure new robot read tape labels the SAME way as old robot (if old robot used 1st 6 chars of label, ensure that new robot does the same.) If not the same, add Media ID Generation rule.
Complete Inventory.

Re-create Storage Units. (Check properties for parameters such as Multiplexing).

Update policies with new STU.

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Shashank_AFL's picture

Hi Marianne,

What are you upgrading from?

-Am Uprading the existing SUN SL25 Linrary (LTO4) to new IBM TS3100 Library (LTO5).

Do you have new media for new robot/drives?

-Yes, both media and robot/Drives are new in this case.

How is existing robot reading media id?

-Am just trying to replace the Library with New Medias/Drives/Robots keeping rest of the NBU configuration same, does the old configuration of reading media changes when Library replaced? Is it required to change the add media generation ID rules?


Shashank K S

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If you need to restore from old LTO4 tapes, you need to be mindful of Media ID Generation.

If current Media ID on old robot is A00001 but actual barcode is A00001L4, it means that current robot is only reporting 1st 6 characters to NBU.

If new robot reads and reports all 8 characters, NBU will add the last 6 if you just simply perform inventory & update.

So, if you put A00001L4 in the robot and you have not updated Media ID Generation, it will be added as a new tape: 0001L4 or else inventory will fail with some error saying that media or barcode is not unique in EMM database.

So, check now what Media IDs look like in Media GUI and compare with Barcode field.

Keep this in mind when performing 1st Inventory on new robot.
As per my post above, do not select update right away - select 'Compare contents with volume configuration' (Preview changes is possibly no longer an option on newer NBU versions).
Only select Update if generation of media id is the same as before.

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