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Change of upgrade order in EV 10.0.4 (for environments with CA or DA)?

Created: 28 Aug 2013 • Updated: 28 Aug 2013 | 3 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.
I'm preparing to upgrade from Enterprise Vault 10.0.3 to 10.0.4 and, while reviewing the upgrade instructions, I came across the following:
You must upgrade the Accelerator product before you upgrade Enterprise Vault.
Perform the upgrades in the following order:
■ Upgrade the Accelerator product.
■ Then upgrade Enterprise Vault on the Accelerator server.
■ Finally, upgrade Enterprise Vault on the Enterprise Vault server.
Is this actually correct?  The first two listed steps sounds like the exact opposite of what past instruction has been.  This is the first time these instructions have appeared in the Upgrade_Instructions.PDF (I looked back at each version to 10.0).
I assume that, as long as I have the EV Accelerator Manager Service stopped on both DA and CA servers and am prepared for the downtime, I can do what I normally do, which is:
  • Upgrade EV server
  • Verify EV is working correctly
  • Upgrade EV files on CA/DA servers
  • Upgrade CA/DA product

I just want to make sure I'm not missing some major change behind the scenes that will end up borking everything if I do and I normally do.  Any reason I would want to avoid my normal path?  Thanks!

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If it shows those in the upgrade instructions as the recommended and supported steps, i'm not sure why you wouldn't want to follow them.

In all honesty, you could definitely shut the DA/CA services down, upgrade EV, then upgrade CA/DA and then the EV Binaries on those servers, but if something fails afterwards, it's difficult to know which upgrade caused the failures, whether it was EV or CA or DA etc

So really what you would want to do is upgrade the accelerator servers and the binaries, and test the SP4 versions against the main EV 10 SP3 backend, and once you have confirmed everything works correctly, then you can proceed and upgrade your main Enterprise Vault installation.

Especially if EV10 SP4 may have changed certain API calls to where the DA10 SP3 can't communicate properly with the EV10 SP4 server etc.

But end of the day you *can* upgrade the way that you described, its just would you want to? especially since the CA/DA upgrades take the longest, you'd want to get through that first and test that everything works correctly before moving on

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Thanks for the thoughtful input.  I was mainly concerned that the order might have been unintentionally reversed with the new upgrade instructions but as I thought about it, I decided to go ahead and do our DA server first as per the instructions.

I also agree with you that it will be easier to troubleshoot if something goes wrong along the way.

Thanks again!

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FYI - After running the Discovery Accelerator server portion of the upgrade, I tried to open the EVBAAdmin page to begin the database upgrade portion and was greeted with an "Error 401.1 Unauthorized" after repeated attempts to logon with the EV Service account and correct password.

I had to change the application pool defaults for the EVAcceleratorAppPool 'Identity' from "ApplicationPoolIdentity" to "NetworkService" and restart the EVAM Service.

Hope someone finds this helpful.