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Changed Permissions on archived items

Created: 12 Mar 2013 • Updated: 29 Aug 2013 | 7 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Forgive if this has been convered but I cannot find a way to remove permissions from a archived mailbox.

Basically we have some users who are removed from the company and no longer have a active directory account or exchange mailbox any more.

So I cannot run a zap since there is no distingushed name.  But there is some legacy archived permission that is allowing everyone to see a folder or messages in the mailbox.

How do I reset for that archive all the permissions in all the folders and messages that have been archived.

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Just follow the following technote, note that its run against the archive, and not the mailbox
You can simply just specify any exchange server and system mailbox when initializing EVPM

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I tried running the zap but it's not doing anything.  Is there some logging to run at sametime or maybe I configured the zap.ini


DirectoryComputerName = iscevs01
Sitename = EVSite1
ArchiveName = 1BE*****1110000evsite
Zap = True

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What version of Enterprise Vault are you running?
You can try dtracing EVPM and see what is happening
But it may just be a permissions caching issue, try restarting services and log back in to the console

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When I check the trace logs I'm getting a user is not in the addressbook

profile failed.

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hmmm, and its looking up that user? its not that the user you're specifying for the exchange server and system mailbox are incorrect right?

Can you paste the exact error coming back from EVPM?

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You can try following SQL query: 

use EnterpriseVaultdirectory

update ArchiveView

set AutoSecurityDesc = null where ArchiveName = 'NameofArchive'

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Is this issue now resolved or is some more help needed?