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Changing drive locations - what needs to stay on C:/

Created: 17 Jun 2013 | 2 comments

I have a server that is running out of drive space on C:/ and so SEP was installed on the second hard drive.  I know by default that the definitions are saved on the OS drive (in this case C:/) and that I can edit the registry to look for/store them on another drive(in this case D:/).  In looking at the folders on C:/ it appears that more than just the definitions are saved by default to C:/ despite the install directive to install on D:/.  I can copy all these folders over to D:/ and modify the registry to look for/save them there however are there any folders that absolutely need to stay on C:/?

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I don't believe this will work. When you install the client to a drive other than C, everything that needs to be on C will install to C:. It is by design. If you try to start hacking at the registry, you may cause corruption.

Pulled from KBA linked below:

There are some items that are hard-coded to install to the C:\ drive because they have shared components or are themselves shared by other Symantec products.

What version of SEP are you running? If 11.x, this KBA shows the directory locations/sizes:

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check this Idea and  Elisha comments

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