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Changing GRT setting in BackupExec 2012

Created: 10 Dec 2012 • Updated: 06 Feb 2013 | 5 comments
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I have BackupExec 2012 and need to change the GRT location setting which I have done and have restarted the services.  But, when I run a restore job on an Exchange Mailbox it still keeps using the old GRT setting for the staging location instead of the new one.

Can anyone advise?


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Did you change the location of the Temp file as seen here

Also, after you changed the GRT staging location you need to create a new restore job since the change wont be set in previous jobs.

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Thank you, once I re-created the job it seems to be useing the correct location for staging.

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Actually, can I ask you a quick question about that.  Does a backup first restore the entire backup to staging and the restores from that?  If so, since my backup data is larger than what I have available on my BackupExec server how can I restore a mailbox from such a backup?


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Yes if backup is on tape then it would stage the whole mailbox database on local drive of media server and then restore the mailbox or email ,so if no space for staging consider buying a USB disk up to 1 -2 tb and connect to media server for imergency restore else you can duplicate backup from tape to disk and for that you configure the disk storage on media server or remote server and once duplicate is job is completed restore would be direct restore from disk



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Is this restore from disk or tape?  If its from disk you dont have to worry about staging it.  You would need enough space so you can use a USB that has enough space on it to stage the data.  Your best option if you are restorig from tape would be to run a duplicate to disk and run another restore to that location.  see

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