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Changing of IP address of SEPM Server.

Created: 23 Dec 2011 | 8 comments
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Any suggestion or article that supports the changing of IP address of SEPM server?

I want to change the IP address of my SEPM server but I'm not confident on this because it may occur some error or something.

Is there any suggestion or best practise so that I will confidently configure and change the IP of my SEPM server and connect the entire client without


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As per your request, here is the detailed steps on how to change the ip address of the server.

The SEP clients find the management server by looking at the Management Server List they are configured to use.  By default when you install the SEP Manager it creates a default Management Server List that contains the IP address of the manager and its name.  If you just change the address of the server SEPM will update this list but that will not change the server being referrence by those clients which have already been deployed.

You can create your own Management Server List and have the clients use it instead.  If you were to create a new Management Server List with only the name of the management server it would force the clients to resolve the IP address of the management server from DNS or NetBIOS and all should be well as long as you change DNS when you change the IP on the server.

Another idea would be to create a new Management Server List with the IP address and name just like the default list but then add the new IP address that you will be changing the server to.  This way the clients will first try the old address, the new address, and then the name.
A Management Server List is not used until assigned to groups. To assign the list select Policies -> Policy Components -> Management Server Lists -> highlight the list to be assigned -> Assign the List... -> check the groups to use the list -> Assign.

Suggested procedure:

1. Change the Management Server List (MSL): Policies > Policy Components > Management Server Lists > (edit the list in use - Group and Location Use Count)
Under 'Priority 1' add the new IP address or hostname in the form: <IP_address>:<port>


Note: If you are using the default MSL you have to create a new Management Server List and add the existing IP addresses/hostnames (as the default) and add the new IP address as well - so that you have the current and the future IP addresses. In alternative, Copy/Paste the existing MSL and give it a different name.

2. After, select Ok and Assign the new list to your client groups.

3. Select each group > right-click and select Run Command on Group > Update Content, to update the current settings in all clients (this also helps to assure that they receive the new MSL)

4. Assure that all the clients have the latest policy version

5. Then, it should be ok to change the IP address of the SEPM server

6. The procedure can be repeated to remove the old IP address from the MSL


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check this article

check the section within that link to achieve your requirement

MACHINE_2 will have an IP address and hostname which are different from MACHINE_1

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Thanks for the information. This may help on my activity this year end. I will follow the procedure and then after i finish the task i will mark the solution on your reply again many thanks and merry christmas to you all and a happy new year.

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Do i need to do a disaster recovery plan and get the important license? I mean is these procedure of Mr. Anil kondalkar is very seemless? that we do not need any other procedures to be done before doing it so?

Thanks again

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Before performing the step u can plan for disaster recovery by taking necessary server certificate and database backup.

Follow the link for further Understanding.


Have a great New year.



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for any changes, it is recommeded to have the DR steps followed. This will ensure that the client server communication and logs are not lost, even something goes wrong.

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Please find the document which may help you.

Please mark as a solution if its work