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Changing IP Addresses on Brightmail Gateway, Part 3

Created: 24 May 2012 • Updated: 25 May 2012

In part two, it was mentioned that to change the IP address of Symantec Messaging Gateway one gets onto the console as admin, runs delete osconfig, reboots, and then re-configures the IP settings from the console.

In 9.5 I did this and it worked, but I made a few changes and commited them.  The IP address reverted to the old IP.

So I figured out that to make this change stick the steps are:

  Immediately after running delete osconfig and the first reboot, one must log into the GUI

  Go to administration / configuration / edit / Ethernet  - make the IP changes again on this screen. 

   Then click save to make these changes stick.

This is posted for others reference as well as my future reference, as I am sure I'll forget this the next time I have to

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