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Changing location of closed partition on same server

Created: 20 Apr 2013 • Updated: 05 May 2013 | 4 comments
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I want to move a closed partition approximately 500 GB of data to different drive on same EV server.We have collection running on this closed partition.

I have referred the article as per which we have to

1- Confirm all achived items have been backed up (SQL Server)

2-Set backup mode, stop services, and copy vault stores or vault store partition to new location (Enterprise Vault Server)

 3-Update the Vault Store location in SQL (SQL Server)

 4-Start services, confirm archived items can be opened, and clear backup mode (Enterprise Vault Server)

As per the Step 2 we need to stop EV services but my issue is I cannot stop it for this long time. So, will it be OK if I do as below steps to avoid downtime.

1- Confirm all achived items have been backed up (SQL Server).

2. Set backup mode on EV server.

3. Backup the closed partition and restore it on new location on same EV server.

4. Stop EV services and Update the Vault Store location in SQL (SQL Server).

5. Start services, confirm archived items can be opened, and clear backup mode (Enterprise Vault Server).

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TonySterling's picture

Your plan sounds good.  I have done similar steps to avoid the services being stopped.

shaikh mehtab's picture

Dear Tony,

Thanks for your reply, now I have no doubt with my plan.

 As I want to move closed partition with collection enabled so I would change collection age to 7 or 8 yrs so that nothing gets collected while we backup and restore the closed partition using the backup software.

During backup and restore process will there be any issue if any user tries to restore items which are stored in these closed partition which I have planned to move to other location.

Also, while excuting Step -1 Confirm all achived items have been backed up, I am sure that I would get some items because of manual archiving by the users . So, is there any SQL query for Step-1 which I can run only for the closed partition which I need to move or can I ignore that count after verfiying from vault store report .

TonySterling's picture

Well, you are dealing with a closed partition so manually archived items will not be a problem. 

You could change the age at which collections run to an older date but unless you are doing the move during the schedule time that won't be an issue either.  For that matter you could set the start and end time the same for the schedule, just be sure to change it back.  :)