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Changing sesa_domain value

Created: 08 Oct 2008 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 2 comments



My set-up for 4.5.2 has 1 correlation appliance and 2 collector appliance. Everything is working fine. But as i was checking the sesa_domain value it reads different in my correlation and collection appliance. Will this conflict something? 


Also if i need to change this value at collection appliance to match with my correlation appliance, please advice me with the steps.


Many Thanks

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As far as I know, sesa domain name cannot be changed, here is a quote from the SSIM 4.5 Installation Guide:

"You must determine the name of the security domain that you will be creating before installing the appliance software. Once you have chosen the domain name, you cannot change it without re-installing the appliance software. You can add a new appliance to an existing domain by using the Directory Registration page in the Web configuration interface. You can also create sub-domains; however, you must have the naming scheme determined before software installation."


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If you want both machines in the same domain, you can register one machine with the other.


In your case, I would do Directory Registration from your Collector machine to the Correlation Machine.


To do this:

1.  Logon to the SSIM Web UI (https://machineName) on your Collector machine

2.  Open Directory Registration

3.   Enter all information here - This is information for your Correlation Machine

4.   Click Register.


This process will take 30 minutes or more.  You can monitor the progress by tailing the /tmp/dirreg.log on the Collector Appliance.