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ChargeBack Report for clients and/or Policy names

Created: 30 Aug 2013 • Updated: 13 Sep 2013 | 3 comments
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Hi Everyone

I am currently running OpsCenter and a Master server  I was wondering if OpsCenter has a report that can show the "Chargeback" cost client by client.  I know in the past versions there was a way to report the total daily cost.

As you can probably guess, I have been requested to create a report showing much it costs us to backup each server.  It will probably lead to a report showing a cost department by department.  

I hope someone has good news that there is a way to do this and I have just missed it, otherwise I'm back to the wonderful world of Excel formulas.


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Dave High's picture

Hi Blobjung,

OpsCenter Analytics (the paid version) has a Chargeback report that allows you to enter cost forumale and then run reports against it. Some customers have found this useful - others have not. If you are an OCA customer I recommend you take a look at it. It may require a bit of reading in the manual to figure it out.

If you are not an OCA customer, then yes - you may be stuck with Excel. Most reports can be exported to a .CVS file which can then be imported into Excel. Pretty easy to put a "how much does each GB of data cost to back up" formula into Excel to show a $ figure.



pjw1971's picture

Hi Blobjung,

Using OpsCenter to create your chargeback reports would imply that you are going to charge by the consumed or utilized amount of storage, i.e. what is backed up.  Is this what the business requires or do you have a service catalogue with different types of storage classes and associated availability and performance SLA's?  If you have a SAN then it could be worth looking at specific reporting software such as Storage Fusion Analyze.


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Hi Dave.

I do have the to Chargeback option in the OpCenter software.  I setup a cost variable but I cant seem to find a report that i am looking for.  Basically, I just need a report that shows the client name, how much data was backed up and how much it cost.  So at SERVER1 had 200GB backed up for a cost of $600. 

Hi pjw1971

Thanks for the suggestion on the software.  Currently we are just looking at the costs within the backup system, but there might be a future need if we dive into the SAN.