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Check Offsite Copy Status on Backup Exec System Recovery

Created: 06 Apr 2012 | 3 comments


I recently configured a backup job to do offsite copies to my backup DR offive via a VPN. I am using a network share to achive the copy. My Server is a VMServer running on an ESXi host. This server saves a local copy to an external Iomega NAS, then sends an offsite copy to my Iomena NAS at my remote office using my VPN.

My question is how can I monitor the current status of the copy? I want to make sure there are no errors or anything going on. So far, It has been more than 2 days and it has only copied 6 GB of the first backup file. My total backup is about 50 GB.



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Markus Koestler's picture

What error do you want to detect exactly ? E.g. you could enable the option to verify the recovery point after creating to check the integrty of the recovery point.

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NeerThadarai's picture

There is no such error detection mechanism in the software to handle or detect the errors while the offsite copy is being done.

You can use some third party tool like wireshark to check if any network related issues at the time of offiste copy

The data travels from source destination to SSR server and than travel to the offsite destination.

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I do not receive any erros, i just do not know the status of the transfer. I am refreshing the share folder at my remote site and I do see file size is increasing but there is no log or time remaining monitor to check. Would you recommend using an FTP client instead or any other method to have a better view.