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Checking PGP licenses used

Created: 29 Jan 2013 | 6 comments

Can someone confirm how to clearly determine the number of PGP licenses being used from the Universal Server ?  I have a number being displayed in daily report showing the number of internal users but this reflects different number to the number displayed in the estimated policy group membership section under System.

I am also interested to know if it is feasible that some users being included in the count are no longer using PGP and therefore should be cleaned up and removed from the number of users when we are calculating the number of licenses we need to purchase ?

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The number of internal users are users who have enrolled onto the PGPUN.  The estimated number looks at the AD structure and gives a figure based on what's in there, therefore that number shouldn't been looked at literally.

To get an accurate picture of your environment look at the Reporting > Graphs. - That will give an accurate figure as to whats being done, both in Email and WDE.

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Looking at the reporting graph gives a completely different number again it shows me total encrypted devices which is about twice as much as the number of enrolled users.  Which number do I need from a licensing perspective ?

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You should look also in enrolled users and pay special attention to the "Last Contact" date.  You can use your best judgement about the style of your environment to determine which ones are active users and which ones aren't.  Looking at all these figures should give you an accurate figure.  Remember that if a user has 2 encrypted disks itll show as 2 disks in the reporting.

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Thanks for the post.  I, too, have the warning message "You have exceeded the maximum number of users allowed by your license."  Several of the users are people who are no longer employed here and have last contact dates of long ago.  Can I delete those users?

Support recommending deinstalling PGP on the devices no longer in use but that does not seem to agree with the counts I see on the server UI.

The PGP server has vers. 3.1.2; desktops versions are either 10.1 or 9.12

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This product uses ethical licensing, if you exceed the number it won't restrict functionality.  Another way of ascertaining current state, it to use the "Last Seen" column for users, then look at ones who have no checked in for, say, 2 months.  It's safe to assume that anyone who hasn't checked in in 2 months is no longer using the product, and can be safely removed.  But you can make the time judgement based on what sort of organisation you are

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Thanks - I understand about the ethical licensing.  From what you and Symantec support are telling me, this is the proper method of correcting the number of licenses used:

1.  Identify users who have not been active in some time

2.  Delete these users

In addition, I should deinstall PGP on devices to be disposed of.  If the device is unavailable (i.e., already been disposed of) I should delete the device.

Please confirm if this is correct (or not).