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Checkpoint/Restart of Endpoint Protection

Created: 14 Oct 2012 | 6 comments

After down focusing the scope of Endpoint Protection scans, they still run for a few hours on many of my laptops and servers. Further-some laptops shut down abruptly-presumably as a result of intensive IO and CPU use. Consequently I cannot complete a Symantec scan.

I looked at the doc but could not find a way to checkpoint and restart a scan where it left off. I imagine there is a way of doing this-can anyone point me to a document on this issue



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Check this artical may be help..

Symantec Endpoint Protection: Scheduled scan start is delayed, or scan progress stops or proceeds slowly

Troubleshooting slow boot times in Symantec Endpoint Protection and Symantec AntiVirus

Security Response recommendations for Symantec Endpoint Protection settings


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if the machine is shutdown during the scan, it cannot resume the scan from where it let off.

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Can't start off from where it left off.

If the machine is shutdown before scan finishes or misses a scheduled scan, you can set an option to scan again after X days

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I agree above comments you can't be restart scan after system restart.

If you have system slow issue you can check this thread

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It appears that most of the tuning options deal with time slicing with other tasks. I run the scan on a quiet machnine so this does not help. Seeing as scans can run into hours, I find it remarkable that a user cannot shut down their machine and resume the scan at a later time.  I will check with our computer department and see if there is another product for this purpose.

Thanks for the posts-


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What version of SEP 12.1 are you running?

How much RAM are these Laptops have?

User can disable many auto scan,such as startup scan,active scan when new definitions arrive,network files scan,to minimize the SEP effect on PC performance.

1. Disable startup scan and active scan when new definitions arrive, go to Virus and Spyware Protection policy-->Administrator-Defined Scans-->Advanced.

2.Disable network files scan,go to Virus and Spyware Protection policy-->Auto-Protect-->Scan details-->Network settings

3.Disable file cache or disable rescan cache when new definitions load,go to Virus and Spyware Protection policy-->Auto-Protect-->Advanced-->file cache

I would also suggest you to follow these Articles below:

Scalability and performance guidelines for the SEPM Server 11.x and 12.1

Symantec Endpoint Protection Sizing and Scalability Best Practices White Paper

Hope that helps!!!

Mithun Sanghavi
Associate Security Architect


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