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Chrome Authentication with Service Desk

Created: 27 Dec 2012 | 3 comments
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I do understand that Pass through authentication with Chrome is currently not supported by Symantec, however, I also know that there are some very smart, inventive folks on this forum.  Symante'c fix for this won't be delivered for another 6-12 months.  In Symantec speak, their fix may never happen.

Currently i have a client, who is a Chrome shop, that needs the pass through authentication to work with Chrome.  We've tried a few work arounds - see below, but nothing has seemed to work so far.  Our other option, since Workflow does support Chrome, is to rewrite the portal using Workflow - which would take about 40 hours worth of work.

Here's our previous attempt at a workaroun:

We let anyone into the portal who has an active AD account and has a corresponding ServiceDesk account.  We apply permissions based on their role in SD, just as would occur if the AD creds passed through to the SD login component (works fine through IE but not in Chrome).  The fix would be to completely remove the SD login page, and replace it with a user check.  The check would basically ensure that 1. the user is active in AD and that 2. the user has a corresponding account in SD.  The password validation would already have taken place simply by the user being logged into their workstation.  We can check for whether a user is active at run-time so that data is always fresh.

If anyone has any suggestions or thoughts, let me know.


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Just curious... are you referring to the passthorugh identification as far as the Active Directory authentication? As far as I know, that type of authentication is only supported by Internet Explorer (primarily because its a Microsoft mechanism). You may have more information than me regarding Chrome's support for it... but I'm pretty sure you can only do AD passthrough with IE.

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There no settings in chrome to set "Intranet" settings like IE uses for AD authentication. If you dont want to IE, you could try FireFox which has some IE plug-ins.

Rob Hilberding Sr. Consultant ExpressAbility

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Maybe this will help

Client browser setup for pass-through AD Authentication

note that Chrome inherits its settings from IE's Local Intranet Zone. Even if this user is never planning to log in with IE, the following modifications must be made to ensure pass through on Chrome