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Citrix - Outlook Not Exiting

Created: 28 Jan 2013 | 15 comments


I am running Citrix XenApp 6.0 on Windows 2008R2 Servers.  I have Outlook 2010 installed on the Citrix servers and am publishing Outlook.  I have the Symantec Enterprise Vault HTP-only Outlook Add-In Version 9.0.1342 installed.  I have conquered the whole scripting issue that crops up in Citrix.

I have one slight problem:

We have Outlook configured to prompt for deletion of the deleted items folder on exit.  Sometimes when we choose yes, the deleted items delete but Outlook will not exit. Exiting Outlook then requires another click on the "x" to close it.

I have verified that this does not happen when I disable the EV add-in.  With the EV add-in enabled it happens about 50% of the time.

I can not see any related events in any of the event viewer logs.

I'm kind of stumped with this.  I would look at any client logs, but I'm not sure where they get created.

Has anyone seen this kind of behavior before - either in Citrix or on a regular desktop?



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TonySterling's picture

what is your version of EV?

I would highly recommend using the latest EV 10 client or at least this one:

There have been quite a bit of improvement done and you might have a better experience with it.

John T. Morgan - 300's picture

Thanks for the quick response Tony.

I don't administer the EV so I am not really sure of the version of EV that is running.  And trying to get that information from the folks who do run the EV service might be challenging.

Is there any way this can be checked from the client?

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LOL!  Sorry to hear that.  You could click ctrl+Shift and then click an EV button. That should open the Vault Diagnostics page.  You should be able to find the server verion in the vault information section.

John T. Morgan - 300's picture

Looks like the server version is 10.02.




SERVERVERSION              10.02

So I should be fine using the client you linked me to, correct?

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It _sounds_ like you have the 9.0 base client installed?

If so..  then you definitely need to upgrade since:

9 base doesn't support Outlook 2010

9 base had some issues with exiting Outlook (and not just in a Citrix environment)

John T. Morgan - 300's picture

Awesome Rob.  Just Awesome.

LOL.  I'll snapshot one of my test Citrix boxes, install the Client Tony recommended and see if I have any better luck.


John T. Morgan - 300's picture

Well Guys,

The new client did not seem to help.  Same problem.

The only thing I can see in the log file is this error: IDispatch:"GetIDsOfNames("MessageClass") failed, error 80020006"

Probably not relevant, but I'm perusing the university of Google as we speak.


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Can you post a full client trace please?

I mean .. what logging level etc is shown?

Also, you mentioned this happens when you have Outlook set to empty the deleted items folder on exit -- what happens if you don't have that set?

John T. Morgan - 300's picture

If I don't have it set, it exits normally. 

It only appears to have trouble exiting when the option to delete is set.  But, it is an intermittent issue, so I would hesitate to say I'm 100% certain.  However, I've yet to have it fail when the option is disabled.

I am attaching the most recent log file.

ev_client_log_20130128134743.txt 200.5 KB
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hmm okay.

And with the setting enabled, but on a non-Citrix machine.. do you see the issue there at all?

How is the app launched from the Citrix point of view?

John T. Morgan - 300's picture

This does not seem to be an issue on a non-citrix machine.

I'm not sure what you are asking, but the command line for the published application is: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\OUTLOOK.EXE"

Also a major difference between the regular desktop configuration and Citrix is that we use Cached Exchange mode on our desktops, and we use Non-Cached Exchange mode in our Citrix environment.

John T. Morgan - 300's picture


I am including two files.  The names are pretty self explanatory.  One tracks a shutdown that did not work.  One tracks a shutdown that did work.

In each case i had one item in the deleted items folder.

Both of these files start with me clicking the X in Outlook to close it.  There is a big differnece in what happened from then on.

I hope maybe these will shed some light.


Did Not Exit Normally.txt 11.8 KB
Exited Normally.txt 6.86 KB
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hmm there is no shutdown events caught in the client trace..  which is odd.