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Clean installation of SEP using database from SAV 10

Created: 17 Jan 2008 • Updated: 23 May 2010 | 1 comment
Is it possible to do a clean installation of Symantec Endpoint Security and migrate the client database from SAV corporate edition 10? Prefer not to redeploy clients if possible. I would like to keep the groups from SAV also.

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I'm a bit confused by the way your question is phrased.  If you want your clients to have SEP, you'll need to deploy the install package.
If your looking to install SEPM only and keep SAV10 on your client systems, it isn't really going to work.
You can find a ton of guidance on migrating from SAV to SEP in the SEP install Guide, videos on the Symantec web site at , and several articles in the Symantec support knowledgebase.
I can tell you from hard earned experience that SEP/SEPM is NOT a product package that you can just install into production and slowly guess your way through getting things set right.  My recommendation is to read up on the manuals, poke through threads here on the boards, and sift through articles in the kb as part of preparation and planning before installing SEP/SEPM.  If you don't plan beforehand, you'll run smack into many problems like myself and many other early adopters did.  A good example of this is the firewall (Network Threat Protection) portion.  If you deploy it out to clients before creating appropriate allow rules in the SEPM policies section, your systems could lose the ability to use several network services that are commonly used in company LANs.