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I need clean wipe for endpoint protection.


CASE # 320-125-361



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You need to call in to support for this tool.



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That's a negative.  Check out the forum for Endpoint Removal Tool


Sandeep_Cheema has been emailing the links to users as long as they provide the case number they started the problem with.  Now, if you can't help with this, please talk with your co-workers that have handled this situation already.

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Seems to be the only product for this thing that Symantec has gotten correct.

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As per policy, we are not to be directly emailing the removal tool to anyone unless they call in for support. No exceptions.



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I need SEP 11 cleanwipe, not sure if there is a XP and Vista version, but I need it for both if there is.


case # : 312000584


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I called Symantec at 1-800-927-4017 opt 1 (as per online chat). I explained the situation (I waited 10 minutes). they emailed me a link for download with the user name and password needed for the download. 04/07/09 v12.0.120.4. It works on Windows 7, so Vista should be a piece of cake. The purpose of the call is to ensure you are a licensed customer and you are the administrator for the commercial version. Otherwise, my 'customers' would be uninstalling SEP themselves and causing all kinds of headaches. It was worth the wait.

As a network administrator, I prefer getting the utility from the vendor (of choice). I see cleanwipe on the web at other sites and they are out-dated. So removing SEP or SAV 10.X will fail on Vista. Expecting someone to send you their downloaded version is a great way to have your machine trashed by virus, rootkits or trojans. If you do get it from someone else, you will get what you pay for (pay as in time rebuilding your machine because you did not have the patience to go at it the right way). I spent 15 minutes between the call, download and extraction. Another 10 on the client, removing the inclomplete install. If I had to image the machine, it would take an hour and would have to spend another 2 hours rebuilding the user desktop - applications, profiles, etc..

Thanks Rutuja