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Cleaning up Deleted SWV Layers

Created: 04 Jun 2014
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Is there a command that will cleanup deleted SWV layers from the FSLRDR folder? I do a lot of importing and deleting of SWV layers on one of my test machines and I noticed the FSLRDR folder keeps growing in size and in number of folders when I delete layers via the Admin tool. I currently have over 70 folders in c:\fslrdr but I only have 8 imported layers (with R/RW that would be 16 folders in c:\fslrdr) and it's consuming over 60GB of space I would like to reclaim. While I can manually delete the folders refrencing my imported layers sublayer numbers it's becoming a pita since with so much turnover the layer numbers are all over the place (one layer can have a RO layer of 1 but a RW layer of 4a or something) and it becomes hard to manage manually and all the files can't be deleted at once due to either permissions errors (even as admin), in use (layers deleted so why are they in use?), or sometimes "Can't find the file specified"???

I searched posts and SWV document and command line tools and I didn't see anything about deleting these old entries.


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