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Cleaning query 2010 R3

Created: 21 Jun 2013 • Updated: 03 Jul 2013 | 6 comments
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I've noticed that when a Job is running, the ability to select 'Clean' on the tape device is present, otherwise it's omitted. Why is this?

At the moment, cleaning statistics don't seem to function (is this because it's a single device and not robotic librarry)?


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For a single drive, you could insert the cleaning tape in the drive and perform an inventory. Only for Robotic library the clean job can be created and scheduled.

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That's what I was hoping, then add it to 'cleaning' group. Will this then update the cleaning stats correctly?


And what about the 'clean' option that comes and goes?

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And what about the 'clean' option that comes and goes?

It is probably a cosmetic thing since the clean option is not applicable for stand-alone tape drives.

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...for a stand-alone drive, putting the cleaning tape in automatically cleans the drive. No need to inventory it.

For a tape library, having a cleaning tape in the autoloader means it will be used whenever needed. This has the negative knock-on effect that your tape might be used more regularily meaning it expires quicker. I've had tape libraries running for their life-span of 3 years (only used for 3 years and sent back to the rental company) in some hostile environments in Africa that have never needed to be cleaned.

No need to create any cleaning group at all...just let the tape clean the drive. It will automatically eject once done.


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Thanks both of you, Craig that was my understanding so bascally the Cleaning stats are useless in this case, again what I've read.

Maybe Symantec should cater for this in these scenarios, e.g. remove them in single drive cases.

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I am not sure of the method in BE 2012 but for stand alone tape drives you have alwasy had to manually reste the statistics after you have ubnserted a cleanign tape and had it autop eject.

The method for older BE versions is documenetd here:

If you follow this process every time you insert a cleaning tape into a stand alone drive then the cleaning stats will be valid.

EDIT: I just checked in BE 2012 - if you bring up the details for the drive and click the statistics section in the left side bar, then a button to re-set cleaning statistics appears in the right hand column of the main pane.

Also note we cannot have a cleaning jobs for stand alone drive and therorefore cannot rester the stats automatically because as soon as you insert a cleaning tape it cleans the drive and spits it out. It does not wait for a job to run and does not pass an update back through the driver to state that cleaning has been performed.