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Cleaning the Software Catalog

Created: 14 Nov 2012 • Updated: 15 Nov 2012 | 3 comments
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Hi All,

I have been having problems to manage my software Catalog, because there is a lot of detected software (around 9000 different products). I saw that there are a lot of products that are repeated on the list, I think this is because it are different versions.

But I need to manage, control, and deploy just one version of every software (i.e I have Minitab 15.2, Minitab 15.3 and Minitab 15.8, but I want to keep just one of it, Minitab 15).

What would you recommend? Should I delete (in this case) 2 versions? If I delete it, I think it will populate again the software catalog when the computers send inventory to the server in the next sincronization.

Also, how could I change the computers (that appears in the right section: "Computers with software installed") to the other one, if I delete it. I explain: If I have Minitab 15 English ( as the attached image) with 3 computers, also Minitab 15 English with 5 computers, and Minitab 15 English with 2 computers, then I would have 10 computers with Minitab 15 installed, and I want to manage it like just one product, What would you recommend?

I attach 2 images for clarify.



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What you see are different software components, not products. This is a big difference in the CMDB.

A product is exaclty what you want (and need to configure). Definition:
"Version specific representation of an application (release), all updates and service packs"

Select a component and "Manage this software" ... then configure the filter to assign the software components (different versions) to a single product (version "15.").

Products can be seen in the Software Catalog (top right), or in the silverlight console at either "Installed Products", or "Software Products" if it is deliverable (has a package and/or command line configured). If you configured metering (usage tracking), then even in there.

Just note:

  • "Managed Software" = a "Software Product"
  • "Software Release/Update/Dicovered" = "Software Component" (not a Product, but can be assigned to one)
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Thanks Mistral, that was exactly the answer that I needed. Now I can manage the software as I like. Thanks again.


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one more comment:

Until software resource(deliverable or not deliverable) is associated with some of the product it will not be showed in the software resource lists for Newly Discovered Software, Software Releases or Software Updates.

Do not afraid if after adding to a product you will not able to find your software resource in one of the described before lists.