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Clear SEP 12.1.2 client virus definitions on computer running windows 8

Created: 19 Jun 2013 | 7 comments


i have a computer that is running Windows 8. Installing SEP as managed client (using the package exported from the console).

But SEP did not start; i decided to launch symhelp that tolds me that virus definition are damaged.

This technote is applicable; But not for windows 8?

the ability to disable theBASH driver as it said on the technote, but it seems that in windows 8 it's not possibile to make visible hidden drivers.

Somebody had already incontred this issue?

My workaround was to uninstall reinstall SEP but i prefer something from technote if possible.


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Haven't seen anything for Win8 yet, not sure if it is available. May want to try support to see if they have anything available.

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Even if defs are corrupted SEP service should be started.

whats the version of sep you are using.

the latest is 12.1.3 try installing this version.

New fixes and features in Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.3

Virus definitions don't update

Fix ID: 3075004

Symptom: The virus definitions do not update, but this issue does not appear to be related to a specific update. Restarting the computer may resolve this issue.

Solution: Changed a pre-cleanup process to prevent potential deadlocks.

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yes, i correct what i said:

- the first attempt when installed SEP for the first time , SEP did not starts (no icon, no folder in the program files)

- the second attemps was to Reinstall (modifyin the client install settings on the package from silent to show progress):

i downloaded virus definition from symantec site, and installing it, i receive a message saying that the update failed beacauce virus definitio are damaged. At this moment i launched the symhelp.

- The third attempt was uninstalling then reinstalling SEP using the package used in the second attempts

like this is seems to work fine.

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I am running with window 8 but it display me the hidden option

Right click on Device Manager theen view and check show hidden device



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yes, there is this option to active: Show hidden devices, but the hidden device i want is not present

"Non uPnP Devices"

I tried to add this functionality manualy in computer properties as seen in some forum but still now showing the non upnp device

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Whats the version of SEP you are running?

download 12.1.3 from Fileconnect  and run it.. I'm sure that would fix the issue.

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Install SEP 12.1.3 which would resolve the reported issue