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CLI to add new storage server in BE 2012

Created: 30 Oct 2012 | 3 comments

I can add new storage server in BE 2012 from UI doing following:

Click on backup and restore tab on main menu

Select add under Servers sub menu.

How to do the same from CLI? I didn't find any CLI in admin guide

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RahulG's picture
To see all the BEMCLI cmdlets, you can Check the BEMCLI_en.chm file which is found in the BE installation directory.  You can user the following Command in Powershell as well
get-command -module bemcli

refer the following to get help with BEMCLI

BE_KirkFreiheit's picture

Hi santhoshikonam,

To mimic the GUI's "Add Server" functionality, the closest you can come today is the following:

1.  Push install using "setup.exe" from your Backup Exec 2012 install media.  If you run "setup.exe /?", it will show you all the command-line switches.  /S makes the install run in silent mode, and you can push to remote servers.

2.  BEMCLI has an "Establish-BETrust" cmdlet that can be used to make remote servers appear in the Get-BEAgentServer list (and in the GUI).  This only works with servers running the Backup Exec Agent and is best used with Windows remote servers.