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Client Cannot Run Manual Scans

Created: 09 Jan 2008 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 2 comments
Sorry if this issue has been posted prior, but after searching for a while I could not find a post similar to this issue.   The issue has been around since the original release and still exists in MR1.  I do have a case open with my TAM for this, but thought I would ping the message boards in case someone else has seen this and found a solution.
Ok, on to the details.  On some of my clients (not all of them) I am seeing an issue where it appears the smc agent, client interface and antivirus engine don't communicate properly.  The symptoms I am seeing are listed below and appear on every client that is experiencing this issue.
Clients:  Windows XP SP2
Managed Mode:  Managed - Client Pull
Versions:  11.0.1000.0
1.  I cannot run any manual scans.   If I go into the scan section of the interface on the client and click on "Run Active Scan" or "Run Full Scan" nothing happens.  No errors, no messages and no scan. 
2.  If I right-click on any scheduled scan and select "Run Now" I get a pop-up with a "SymCorpUI" error.  However scheduled scans do run correctly at their set time.
3.  If I turn on the debug logs via the "Help and Support" > "Troubleshooting" > "Debug Logs" nothing happens.  No logs are generated.
4.  Defwatch scans no longer function even though the client is getting definitions daily
5.  If I look at the computer status in the SEPM console it shows out of date definitions for the machine even if the machine is running up to date definitions.
6.  The client is checking-in regularly with the SEPM server and will pick up policy changes if I make them.  So I don't think it is client-server communication issues.
At this stage I am at a loss and refuse to move this product out of my test environment until this is resolved. 
Any thoughts?

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Aaron Blosser's picture
I had the same problem.  My client system (my own machine) was updated from 11.0.780 to 11.0.1000 and that seems to be the root of the problem (the root of many problems, it seems).
To resolve, I uninstalled SEP entirely from my system and then reinstalled 11.0.1000 fresh, and now I can do manual scans from the GUI again.
I sure wish Symantec would do more thorough testing... thank goodness I'm using my own machine as a test bed before I push this out to the company... I'd have villagers with pitchforks chasing me around my office if I rolled this out initially and everyone else had the same problems I've been having. :smileyhappy:
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Actually I finally figured it out just recently.  It turns out there were ACL's in place on "important" services through our domain GPO.  Our Windows Team which controls our domain ACL'd the Symantec services with our company GPO (without my knowledge) so users would not be permitted to start, stop, etc any of the services.  I found that once we removed all the ACL's on the Symantec services the client started behaving correctly again.   The one that seems to bite us because we were missing it was Authenticated Users = Read access to all the Symantec services.
Hope this helps.