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Client Credential Prompts/IIS Error

Created: 19 Dec 2013 • Updated: 28 Jan 2014 | 2 comments
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This morning colleagues reported EV credential prompts. I have followed the standard troubleshooting and see no issues so I began interogating the IIS logs.

I have the below snippet which seems relevant and would like to know what this means?

 2013-12-19 14:21:33 SERVER-IP GET /EnterpriseVault/ClientDiagnostics.aspx P=2&MSt=10&CSt=3&Ci=176115&Td=0&Fa=0&Host=CLIENT-FQDN&AId=1F97DABA2AD6AE04288C776C9E52F68471110000SERVER-DNSALIAS&OLVer= 80 DOMAIN\USER-ID CLIENT-IP EnterpriseVaultOutlookExt-V10.0.2.1218 404 0 0 46

Why am I as a user, not administrator, going to this page?
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that page is called for each and every Vault Cache sync, whether its succesful or not
So firstly to get that page you must be using Vault Cache using a client that supports reporting back to the ClientDiagnostics page.

However, it looks like you are running an older version of EV such as 9 SP3 where the page doesn't exist, so for instance you may be using the 10 SP3 client and 9 SP3 server, the client will always call that page after each sync attempt, but the server doesn't have the page

That being said, that particular snippet doesn't suggest it would be prompting for credentials, since you're getting a 404 page not found

That being said, if you have pages where everyone gets prompted for credentials and only admins get in without being prompted, then that would indicate that you don't have Authenticated Users or Domain Users having permissions on the EV install directory

But again, if it was NTFS permissions the error you would see after the initial 401 error would be a 403.4 error (denied due to ACLs)

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Thanks for the response.

So it sounds like this snippet is unrelated to the client credential prompt. The page doesn't exist on my 9.0.5 install.

FYI, a restart of the services overnight appear to have addressed the prompts.