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Client De-dupe works on remote server but not Local server

Created: 27 May 2013 | 4 comments

Dear all,

  We have been using BE de-dupe option since BE 2010 GA.  We are backing up many servers in various roles, some of the servers located at the same Gbps LAN with the media server, some of the servers are hosted remotely at various sites from 2Mbps to 10 Mbps WAN link. There is no firewall in between protected servers and the media server. After the software became more stablelized and a lot of fine tuning, the client de-dupe is working fine with the remote servers with decent speed (e.g. if there is no much of changed file, the backup speed can be as fast as 2GB per min via 10Mbps WAN link). However we never seen such a decent speed on local server (the change file is not a lot but the maximum speed is 1GB per min via 1Gbps LAN). We have ensure that the agent in the local server is updated, the job configured with client dedupe properly and there is no error message on "client dedupe is enabled but not in use" appear in our backup log. The problem persist after we upgraded to BE 2012 SP1. 

  At first, we don't mind about having local server running at media server dedupe. However recently we discover that 

1. as per data growth, the backup windows soon becoming a challange. 

2. We tried to setup a media server at one of the remote sites and backup the same server via 10Mbps link, after 2 days of 
"training" the speed is above 2GB per min or above. The test media server setup at the remote site is a much older hardware than the production media server at the DC.

  We do not understand why same local server able to achieve much better backup throught put when backup remotely. We also wish to reduce the backup windows for the local servers using client dedupe. 

  Please advise if any thing that we overlooked.


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CraigV's picture

...have you checked to see if any antivirus running on that server isn't perhaps scanning the dedupe folder? Put in an exclusion for this...


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Yan Thung Seng's picture

Hi Craig,

           Thousand thanks for the prompt response and  reminder in AV. If you mentioned AV in the media server, yes the dedupe folder already excluded for scanning. The media server backup remote servers just fine. If you mentioning the local server, we didn't exlude any file for virus scan. But when our testing media server at remote site can backup it with very decent speed.

           Is it because client dedpupe function only work with server away from the WAN link? Any help is needed.

thousand thanks

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The media server should be deduping locally for itself. Change the dedupe option to allow for this and see what sort of speeds it gives you when you run the job on the local server.


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Dear Craig,

  All the while, the backup job for the local server is configured to use client deduplication. But the speed is not decent.