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Client definitions not up to date

Created: 26 Feb 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 3 comments

Hello, Clients on my network suddenly have a yellow exclamation point over the SEP tray icon. SEP says that antivirus and antispyware definitions are out of date and need to updated by clicking the yellow "Fix" button. Upon pressing the button users receive a message reading that SEP has requested new definitions from the management server and that the problem will disappear when the server responds and the definitions are updated. However, nothing happens. I logged into the Management Console on the server and see no way to get clients on the domain updated. How can I update my clients' definitions?

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I would begin by checking to make sure that your SEPM Console is recieving updated Definitions.  To do this open SEPM Console and choose Admin > Servers > Local Site > Show LiveUpdate Downloads.  The date stamp of the definitions should be no more than a day old.

Once you've made sure that the SEPM Console is getting the LiveUpdates check the following:

1. In your LiveUpdate Settings policy for your clients make sure you select "use Default Management Console".

2. Under Communication Settings I've found that Pull Mode (5 mins) works much better than Push mode for whatever reason.

If after a solid day your clients are still not updating your system may be F'ed (this has happened to me and I had to start from scratch, was a good excuse to get MR1 installed though).  You may also want to try some methods of clearing the LiveUpdate "cache" so to speak:

reza akhlaghy suggests:

1) goto Document and settings\all users\application data\symantec\liveupdate
2) you should see downloads directory, empty its content (do not delete the directory itself)
3) delete log.liveupdate and settings.liveupdate and all other x.settings.liveupdate files
4) run luall.exe (from Program files\symantec\liveupdate)

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 same issue and a reboot of the management server resolved it.

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Dose this happen to anyone else?  Becuase I cant seem to fix this at all.