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Client doesn't talk to right group

Created: 25 Jan 2008 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 2 comments

Week by week SEP makes me crazier ¬¬

We've imported the AD sctructure and all the computer accounts from the domain controller to our SEPM. The computer accounts are divided into several groups, and each group has a different policy in SEPM console.

We needed to move some computers from a OU to another. It worked perfectly, with SEPM synchronized and the right policies applied... until now.
There is a computer that simply doesn't syncronize itself with the right (new) group after the move. Even worse: there are 2 computer accounts for the same machine in SEPM, one at the old group and another at the new group (the AD is ok, the computer account is on the right place). Seems that the machine only communicates with the "old" group, as the Troubleshooting screen shows me.

I think I've did everything possible to fix this (helped by a Symantec technician most of time): reinstalled SEP,  resynchronized AD <--> SEPM, changed computer name, unjoined\rejoined the domain, "sydropped" the SyLink.xml file, rebooted both server and client...

Is there A thing that will make this damned computer communicate with the right group?


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