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Client driven PST files identifyiable somehow from where it was migrated from?

Created: 23 Aug 2012 • Updated: 20 Nov 2012 | 5 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


we had a user who had taken backup of his pst files in another location on his laptop and needless to say Client driven pst migrator is very agressive and of course migrated all in double...

In outlook it shows like "Archive" and "Archive 1", now, is there a way to identify from what path are those migrated from? In the properties of these files it cannot be determined...

Hope someone knows answer to this.

-Sani B.-

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On the EV Admin Console, Expand to Perosnal Store Management - Files - there should all the list of all PST migrations, you can look for the users PST and In the properties of the these you can find the reports as well.

I think this is what you are after. Hope this helps. 

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Unfortunately no, that does not help because in that file one can see eg.



BUT in outlook these are sown as folders

archive and archive1

Now, my problem is this; How to tell in outlook, which came from what path?

-Sani B.-

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ah...ok..I see what you mean.

Can you/user access those PSTs that exist on the user's machine still? I suspect not as usually after PST migration the PST gets compacted or set read only or event get deleted etc. etc. and this cause PST to be corrupted. The only I can think of right now is comparing the PSTs with the archived folders?

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There seem to be some sort of understanding in completed migrations between "PST holding file numbering" that can be seen from the migrated file (found under Personal Store Management -> Files ) and what it reads in the folders properties -> Description (this in users outlook). Can this be trusted?


PST file found Holding file
\\Computer\C$\Users\EvUser\Lacie\EvUser\mailarchive\archive.pst \\EvServer\PST Holding\pst149_100.db
\\Computer\C$\Users\EvUser\mailarchive\archive.pst \\EvServer\PST Holding\pst76_192.db
Folder name inside outlook Description of the folder
archive 1 F:\PST Migration\pst149_100.db
archive F:\PST Migration\pst76_192.db

See how those db files equal with each other... but is this to be trusted and proper way to identify these?


-Sani B.-

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Thiss post looks bit old and sorry I just stumbled upon it trying to figure something else out. ;-)

Yes, the description of folder can be trusted. The folder description is stamped with physical location of holding file - F:\... on server in your case.

You can determine original path of PST149 or PST76 using the vault console or SQL as necessary. I haven't seen any entry on vault/SQL side that can tell you the destination folder name from backend.

I know it has been few months to this post now and am sure you would've figured the answer. Hope above helps.

Thank You