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Client Driven PST migration and Citrix

Created: 10 Dec 2012 | 7 comments


I am piloting a PST migration at the moment and I have enabled a handfull of users for Client driven migration. These are a mixture of Fat and Thin users with some using both environments.

Currently, I seem to be having a problem with client driven by citrix as it never seems to change to migrating. The PSTs are listed on the server with client as the migrator but stay as ready to copy. THe PST files are in a home folder on a file share but the migration account has full controll over the homefolder.

We also have a locator task running looking for PSTs but not against the citrix servers.

I was thinking if a user enabled for client migration logs onto one citrix server and the pst is reported to the server. THat user then logs off, without the migration starting. Then they log onto another cirix server, does that break the client process or does it wait for them to hit the same citrix server again. We have around 100 servers so chances are slim.

Appreciate any advice

Many thanks


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Something to be aware of:

But it sounds like you're not getting that far?

Have you captured client traces?  

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Are  the users homefolders created on a DFS path ?

As this is not supported for client driven PST migrations:

Also mention your EV version and post a client trace.

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I haven't done yet for this problem. Will get a trace shortly.

I had seen that article but as you say I don't even get that far.

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Thanks for responses so far.

The version of EV is 8 sp5

The client is v7.5

Outlook is 2002(XP) SP3

I have obtained a client trace at last and the PSTmigrator reports no work to do. Trace attached to post.

There are 3 PST files listed on the EV server for the user with client listed as the migrator but stay as "Ready to Copy". They are located on a file share in Home folder but not DFS. Also the home folder is not mapped through User AD properties.



ev_client_log_20121211-clean.txt 55.59 KB
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Does the EV VSA has admin access to the administrative shares on your fileserver  ?


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Does the VSA account need to have full control to file share.

I have stipulated a different account "pstadmin" for the migrator task and locator tasks that are running. 

Does the client driven only use the VSA account when moving the PST chunks up to the temp holding area?



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Yes, the technote I gave you states that the VSA needs admin access to the shares.

If it's still not working you can also grant the pstadmin to the shares. But it may be worth also review a dtrace of W3WP and DirectoryService as in the above technote.

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