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Client Manger 6.2 Install Issues

Created: 09 Mar 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 10 comments

Hi Guys

I'm trying to instal the HP Cleint manager 6.2 on a server 2003 std with SQL 2005.

I've downloaded the small exe from the site and run it. It extracted and connected to the web to dowload the rest of the setup.

I get the following error:

Setup detected corrupt files, retry download?

I've done this maybe 10 times since Friday but still get the same error.

Anyone else getting this issue?


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Taylor Higley 2's picture

I am also having this issue. I have tried the download on three seperate machines at two different locations. I think the download source is either corrupt or missing files.

GoBlue47's picture

I'm curious to know if you are downloading the 5 MB file from the page or the AICM, Altiris Installation and Configuration Manager ?

Marc Vanderhaegen's picture


I have approximately the same problem, when I try to only download the files after having launched the AICM I get the error message "One or more of the files failed to download properly...."

I will try again from home (to be sure I don't have any firewall/proxy issue).

If I still have the problem, I will ask altiris Support about that.

In the meantime, all the files are available for download here :

But I don't know what are all the needed files.

As soon as I have news, I will post them.


GoBlue47's picture

Yep I just have the same message big_t reported

Marc Vanderhaegen's picture


I have sent a mail to Altiris Support about that problem, I am waiting for their answer.


Marc Vanderhaegen's picture


I received a message from Altiris saying that the problem is solved and indeed it is :-)

I have tried 2 times and everyhting is ok.


Stephen Cameron's picture

The HP Client Manager 6.2 download is not working again. It is giving the same error message as previously mentioned in this thead.

Can someone send another support ticket/email to Altiris support? I would do it myself but i'm not sure how.


Marc Vanderhaegen's picture

I have tried it today and everything is ok.


paisan99's picture

I am now receiving the following error when trying to download and install the Client Management Suite: Altiris Installation and Configuration Manager - One or more of the files failed to download properly. Click retry to download the corrupted or missing files or click cancel to terminate the download.

I have been trying to get this software downloaded and installed for 2 days now to evaluate it and I cannot get past this point.

Any help would be appreciated.

alanmcallister's picture

Same erroAbout time they got their act together!!!