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are they reporting to the correct server?

open sep ->help and support=>troubleshooting, do u see the correct server name?

if so then there are two options

1) SET the display filter in the sepm console to show clients in user mode also

2) you must have a sepm domain.



domains...Do  you see more than 1 domain?

if yes then administer the domain and search for clients.

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From your client, try to do a telnet connection on port 80 to your server.


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Please follow to create sylink.log. It is client-server communication log which is going to tell us why the communication blocks.

Please keep logging for about 15 min and then disable logging. Please attach the log.



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I think you need to replace  the  new server's server certificate with the previous one, in SEPM.

May I know did you install ru6 sepm, on the  same  computer, or on different? If you go to ?program files/Symantec/Symantec Endpoint  Protection Manager/Server private key  backup folder, you would  see, a server.xml and .jks keystore  file. You need to grab the ones' that correspond to youer  old server( you can make  out  from the date mentioned in the  names  of these  files).

The password string looks like the below:

Then you  need to open the  serve.xml file, grabbed aboove, and  locate  your  keystore  pass from this file, by  opening  it  in a notepad.

Then go to  SEPM-Admin-Servers-Server name- and maange server  certificate. Update it with the  new keystore, and .jks file.


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Check the Default Group to see if they're appearing there.

If so, you can drop a new sylink.xml file from the correct group onto the client using sylinkdrop, which is found on the DVD

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