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Client Not Updating

Created: 30 Jan 2008 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 2 comments
I have Antivirus Corporate v9 on a WIndows 2003 server and WIndows XP workstations with the v9 Client.  I have noticed that many of my clients do not show up on the System Center Console and they are not recieving definition updates (all other network functions are OK).  I tried copying the GRC.DAT file to the client with no help.  I have tried uninstalling the client but it asks for a password (which is set on Sysem Center Console)but since it does not communicate with the Antivirus on the server, it does not recognize the password on the server and the old password has been long forgotten.  Any help getting this workstation to reestablish connection with the Symantec Antivirus on the server or uninstalling the client and starting over.   

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Sam_westwood_admin's picture
to uninstall an SAV client and you do not know/remember the password, do the following registry hack:
Go to this string:
Set the VPUninstallPassword value to 0
You should now be able to uninstall the client.
paulorf's picture
I would try the following:
1. Manually install new definitions on your client (in SAV 9 if definitions are corrupt rtvscan.exe may malfunction -it doesn't happen in 10-). Use the exe you can find in
2. Copy the GRC.DAT and see if it connects to the server now
Let us know if that works.