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Created: 15 May 2014 | 4 comments

I am currently using windows server 2003 and have added a few client computers to the network. Everything is working good except when I try to push antivirus. I have no problem finding and connecting the client from the server side. But when I try to push the software remotely it never budges from a 0% completion. My other option is to save an executable file to the desktop and then individually install on each. When saving the file it goes about a third of the way and then stops. I'm not sure what my error could be?

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Whats the exact version of SEPM?

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Where are you seeing the 0% completion?  On the client?  Are you able to reach the 2003 server download path as specified from the client machines?  (copy/paste into a run line?)  Can you ping the server by name?  It could possibly be a DNS issue.

I'd be happy to help if you can provide more information.


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On the server I click "add a client" I then click "new package deployment" then I click "remote push". I choose the computers that I want to push it to and it tests the connection before added. I also ping using its IP and it was good. I then click send and that is where it displays progress of deployed client. This has not moved from 0%. How do I find the server download path?

Thank you